Commodity Trade

Essential goods, shipping regularly

GAT trades throughout much of the oil and gas sector, focusing, specifically, on the oil and gas needs of Sudan and neighboring countries. These needs encompass basic requirements for fuel, natural gas, and petroleum by-products, such as diesel, natural gas, oil, LPG, LNG, and similar products. We regularly provide shipments of diesel to Sudan and its neighboring countries.



GAT trades in a wide variety of metals and minerals, frequently for industrial use. We pride ourselves in creating an inclusive, innovative approach to the industry space. Our many key allies and contacts in the metal and mineral industry provide us with unique insights and opportunities for improvement, and we are actively striving to add to our strategic partners throughout the globe.

As an example of the breadth of our offerings, we offer, in bulk cargo shipments:

  • Copper and Brass
  • Iron and Ferro Alloys, and similar products
  • Construction Steel
  • GI Steel and Coils
  • Steel Billets
  • Aluminum
  • HMS Scrap

We are constantly striving to increase our reach in this market space.

Oil and Gas

GAT is globally recognized as a leading expert in the oil and gas industry. From our ideal locations in Dubai and Luxembourg, to our team of oil and gas experts, we offer a unique combination of in-house innovation, experience, and global breadth.

Our single-minded focus on the objectives of our clients means unparalleled client satisfaction. Similarly, our expertise means that we can quickly understand, fulfill, and facilitate transactions between buyers, sellers, and other trade partners in the oil and gas space. Our years of success, and numerous repeat customers, are a testament to the depth of our commitment to this space.


As with our other core focuses, we have years of experience in facilitating the trading of food, and food products around the world. Our global reach means that we are able to quickly, and efficiently, connect buyers and sellers of food products, minimizing overhead and transactional costs, while maximizing profits to investors. Among other products we trade in, we specialize in:

  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Wheat Flour
  • Cooking Oil
  • Chicken and other Meats
  • Fish

Providing core food products continually proves to be a lucrative, and fulfilling market space that we intend to continue to explore in the coming years.