A global team

Who We Are

GAT is an internationally-focused, globally-aware trade, investment, and advisory company, with offices in Dubai and Luxembourg. We maintain a well-balanced, risk-adjusted portfolio of investments in industries ranging from oil and gas, trade, aviation, venture capital, and private equity funds, and advise global companies on strategic, investment, and management issues.

Collectively, our team has decades of experience returning outsized returns to investors, from a myriad of investments around the world, and providing best-in-class consulting and advisory services.


  • Susanne Jüllig
  • Tahani Elgadi

What We Do

GAT’s mission is to give our investors access to investment opportunities with attractive risk and return profiles, maximizing returns while minimizing risk. We accomplish this by sourcing investments from around the world, and by offering numerous, high-return services in-house, including expertise in the oil and gas industry, and aviation. Unlike other firms, our vertically integrated approach permits us to offer healthy returns, and to quickly, and efficiently, exploit difficult-to-access market niches.

How We Work

Our years of success have been characterized by adhering to our core values of domain expertise, dedication, and hard work.

  • Our diligence process for selecting investments begins immediately on sourcing the potential deal, or connecting with our partners in the project. We conduct in-depth fundamental research on a regular basis, and are constantly on the cusp of new developments in our target industries, and on the pulse of unfolding market trends.
  • Our proprietary, disciplined internal investments guidelines are a core part of our success, and are well-complemented by external, vetted risk management systems.
  • Our high degree of care and meticulous, professional approach to investing have won us trusting relationships with our customers, investors, and the business community.
  • Our years of success are self-evident in our returns, particularly in the light of several decades of severe market volatility. We pride ourselves on our ability to source and vet investment deals in any current or potential future market condition, to meet the desires of any investor or strategic partner.
  • Our long-term, studied approach to investing means we can take opportunistic, long-term investment positions, while minimizing short-term risk.